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Two Customer Segments – One Solution

MiDATA focuses on the two core market segments that have been at conflicting ends of a century-old game that continues to be played between them to this day – around the world;

  • our B2C customer group – Consumers
  • our B2B customer group – Advertisers/Marketers

In recognizing the dismal state of the current relationship between the two, as well as recognizing the parties that are facilitating the current model, we also see the staggeringly profitable opportunity to fix it with a simpler, new model.

MiDATA Introduces “C2B”

C2B​ (Consumer to Business) creates a MASSIVE WIN for both Consumers and Advertisers.

The MiDATA platform brings Consumers and Advertisers together by using new tools based on blockchain and AI (Machine Learning) that; give Consumers ownership of their personal data, and give Advertisers rich, highly accurate data analytics and direct engagement with Consumers.

Consumers are able to aggregate & protect their personal data and are incentivized to engage directly with Advertisers by being paid handsomely for their data’s insights and their opinion.

Advertisers get deep, predictive-purchasing insights from the richest Consumer dataset ever produced (multi-point, accurate, self-aggregated & offered) as well as direct engagement and real-time feedback from Consumers on “SmartAds”, Surveys, Panels & “BrandGames”, all with zero click-fraud.

We’re Turning Everything Around & Upside Down

As an IBM Innovation Partner, our model is not to “sell”​ the Consumer’s data for them, in fact, NO ONE EVER sees (the owner’s) data – selling it is counterproductive to data privacy.

Instead, we use AI to create predictive purchasing models based on aggregate Consumer data as a better way to match Advertisers with Consumers who are ready to buy their offerings.

Consumers can also use our proprietary Supertags™;

  1. to create a “mini-review”​ about any product, topic or idea, on almost any platform
  2. we aggregate them to create a collective public “rating” for the item
  3. this adds huge value to one’s personal data by creating an attributed, explicit, quantified sentiment score and profile that’s like golden-egg-data for brands.

Our Current Status

We are currently in the pre-revenue stage, but we are also just launching our go-to-market plan that is focused on both; acquiring our early adopter user base and evangelist community, as well as being highly focused on signing a core group of 10 initial “innovation partner” big-brand advertising clients who will help us craft the next generation of digital advertising.

Company Wins

  • US Patent Pending (System & Process for Quantified Sentiment Analysis and Accurate Psychographic Profiling)
  • IBM Technology Partner
  • ThreeLefts Partnership (StonePaper Blockchain)
  • CTO Boost Partnership (CTO Support Services)
  • Founded the “KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium” (KnoMeProtocol.org)
  • Raised ~$500K from Family & Friends (as of Jan 2018)
  • Committed, Passionate Team that Shares the Vision
  • 2 Year Product & Revenue Roadmap
  • MVP Product Launch: Q4 2018

Contact Us

Paul Marek
Founder & CEO