Out with old forced consent everywhere, in with new informed consent in one place.

Typically, you’re agreeing to the same old “copied and pasted” Privacy Policies and Terms of Use everywhere you go.

New consent mechanisms from MiDATA

A smarter way to obtain your VALID CONSENT would be to agree ONCE to CORE COMMON elements that everyone agrees to in a central place.

This saves you having to read a ton of Privacy Policies and Terms of Use on EVERY. SITE. YOU. VISIT. They’re all pretty much the same anyway.

Then for any UNIQUE consent elements a website requires, it can be clearly explained on that website in a much shorter and easier to understand manner so you’ll actually read it and become INFORMED about what you’re consenting to.

THEY should come to your central consent system and adhere to YOUR privacy and data usage consent preferences.

We’re Fixing It.

We’ll soon be announcing a set of basic tools and plugins for any website to implement, making this a simple and easy thing to do for them and you.