If you’ve come to this page then you know what we do, but please read our team page to see if you’d fit in.

If you are; green, blue, orange, purple, from venus or mars, sideways, backwards, broken, tiny or square, well, we don’t care.

But if you are;

  • A) passionate about what we are doing, plus
  • B) the best at what you do and willing to do your part here like the world depends on it, plus
  • C) you’re not an a**hole, extremist or narcissist and can respect other people, then
  • D) you’re a perfect fit and we want to hear from you.

Help We Need Now:

  • bookkeeper, accountant, comptroller
  • data science masters (incl; data viz and data philosophy, also Watson exp. preferred)
  • growth marketer, growth hacker (entrepreneurial, genius, maker, savant, writer)
  • behavioural analyst, psychologist ()
  • savant blockchain developer (hyperledger, StonePaper)
  • cloud-minder (BlueMix / AWS)
  • UI / UX creator (epic, epic UI & UX required)

If you are the best in any of those fields above, please send us a note telling us about you, what you’re the best at and why you want to be on our team.