MIDATA Control Center Technical Overview

MIDATA has a Patent Pending on a deep, AI based analytical system, in partnership with IBM Innovation using WatsonAI, that parses user-approved social and personal data to provide;

  • quantified entity sentiment analysis and histograms
    • based on a platform independent, 7-point, explicit-quantified-sentiment-indication mechanism called a “supertag”
    • a supertag is a hashtag with up to 3 pluses or minuses at the end to indicate; a) the entity and b) a quantified sentiment value with 7 variable points, which are: —, –, -, ~, +, ++, +++
    • eg:
      • #bigmac++
      • #mcchicken-
      • #fordf150+
      • #dodgeram–
      • @crazyprez—
      • @stephenhawking+++
    • which, with all surrounding textual and contextual content can provide an additional:
  • personal and global interest graph
  • personal and global taste graph
  • personal and global psychographic and behavioural profile

By allowing us permissioned access to aggregate and create a complete data profile from any source into their own personal, 512-bit encrypted “data vault”, and then using blockchain to protect and manage access to the vault, it allows the user to have complete control of the privacy and value of this multiple-sourced, aggregated copy of their data and what how and where it is used.

We provide the user with complete social, vendor and data management controls, that;

  • A) allows them to control the privacy of, and access to their personal copy of their data aggregated from all platforms and data-gathering sources
    • turn off access to the data for specific companies or purposes
    • anonymize the data for contribution to research projects and insights analysis
  • B) allows them to earn money on their opinion and personal data;
    • by permitting MIDATA to do “insight analysis” on their data that ONLY matches them with advertisers they would most benefit from being in contact with (reducing ad-spam) and thus not revealing their data to outside sources
    • by providing personal quantified sentiment on ads (one-click supertag votes, providing real-time consumer feedback on ads)
    • by providing answers to open ended and/or survey questions in “interactive ads” (real-time consumer intelligence)
    • several more methods of personal earnings to be released soon
  • C) allows them tools for predictive analytics that provide personal insights for them on everything from;
    • what to best bring on a weekend trip based on weather and activities, to
    • knowledge enhancements, to
    • emotional enhancements, to
    • predictive assistance (risk mitigation, value accretion)
  • D) allows brands and agencies to provide more ethical and engaging means of advertising (to consumers that want to hear from them and have provided permission), that more importantly can provide an obvious increase in ROI on ad spend
    • predictive analytics can advise advertisers when is best time and place to advertise to a matched individual based on their predicted needs

Since all this data and analysis comes from the user’s explicitly approved personal data vault, it provides a much more ethical and orders-of-magnitude richer dataset for accuracy and analysis, because the once fragmented and unattributed data currently spread across all platforms and sources is now unambiguously aggregated, explicitly quantified and immutably attributed to a specific, consenting individual – all done by the individual themselves using our tools.