MIDATA, an IBM Innovation Partner based in Toronto, Canada, provides a “central control” platform that allows people to own and manage their personal data – using advanced blockchain technology – in order to take control of their personal value and data privacy.

At MIDATA, people get paid by advertisers for their data’s insights – not for access to their data – it stays protected their personal “data vault” – a 512-bit encrypted, “military & bank grade” protection system. The additionally protective blockchain simply permits or prevents access to and records every interaction with the vault.

For businesses, by using predictive analytics and behavioural modelling through WatsonAI, MIDATA creates valuable insights that help match advertisers with “most relevant and likely to purchase” consumers. This not only matches likely purchasers but also advises when is best for the advertiser to engage with a person based on the individual’s personal needs, thusly drastically reducing annoying, irrelevant, intrusive ads for the consumer.

But more importantly, and even more valuable, this data analysis and predictive modelling can also help provide the individual personally with important and life-improving information, like; key reminders, helpful suggestions, knowledge enhancements, emotional edification, risk mitigation and much more, not to mention helping put money in their pockets.

Since all this data and analysis comes from the user’s explicitly approved and personally aggregated data vault, it provides a much more ethical and orders-of-magnitude richer dataset for accuracy and analysis, because the once fragmented and unattributed data currently spread across all platforms and sources is now unambiguously aggregated, explicitly quantified and immutably attributed to a specific, consenting individual – all done by the individual themselves using our tools.