MiDATA.io – a new “Data Consent Platform”​ that creates a win-win for consumers and businesses alike.

As an IBM Innovation Partner, MiDATA.io uses a blend of new technologies to put people and their privacy first, allowing them to own, control and get paid for the value inherent in their personal data.

With new data regulations appearing around the world that give people sovereignty, protection and control of their personal data, these new regulations are also creating the emergence and foundation for “Personal Data Ownership”​ (PDO) and “Privacy-First Marketing”​ (PFM) – two promising new industries focused on CONSENT that have several value propositions for consumers and advertisers, simultaneously.

For consumers, Personal Data Ownership provides;

  1. the ability to exercise their right to privacy and ownership by managing consent to access their data,
  2. the ability to extract the monetary value inherent in their own self-curated personal data.

For advertisers, Privacy-First Marketing provides;

  1. more ethical customer acquisition methods,
  2. higher precision ad targeting and insights generated from more comprehensive, self-curated datasets,
  3. cost-saving, fraud-free interactive ad formats that incentivize higher engagement,
  4. reduced regulatory and compliance risk due to shifted data management responsibilities,
  5. increased consumer trust in practitioners of PFM.

Early adopters of PFM will thus hold a clear competitive advantage over businesses who delay making Privacy-First Marketing a priority for their growth and consumer relations.

For both consumers and businesses, MiDATA.io creates a new win-win channel where they can form high-value, mutually beneficial relationships through explicitly consented, ethical, highly relevant engagements.


Get to know us. We’re not a mega-mediasaurus who gluttonously hunts for larger profits, neither are we the next big startup from that pretentious, company-churning, high-tech whiz-kid.

We are regular people just like you who saw an opportunity to fix things and because we have the skills, we feel a responsibility to make it happen. None of us has ever been “rich”, nor has any of us had any remarkable successes. But none of that is our motivation.


To us, if there’s a question about values in any situation, then people always come before profits. Whether you’re our customer or our employee – you come before us. People come before profits.

Read about our team or our history to learn more about who we really are.


Since having the original vision for “hypergripe.com” in 1993 (evolving into what is now Muuver.com and MiDATA.io) the prime motivation for our Founder & CEO, Paul Marek, was to use the power of the internet to give power back to the people. So everything we do, say and build is about gaining your trust because our sincere goal is to help you to get your power back by taking control of your personal data, privacy and value – and you’ll want MASSIVE trust in anyone you let near any of that.


Here’s a great example of trust:

Over the last 3 years, more than 40 of Paul’s family and close friends have trusted him enough to become investors in this company (at $5,000 or more). When asked the reason why they invested – they all say the same thing: “because they know and trust he’ll make it happen”. They didn’t invest in the idea – they invested in the person, because they trust him and what he stands for.


Our 4-point mandate is;

  1. to offer transparency in all relationships,
  2. to include all stakeholders, including our customers in our policymaking
  3. to be fully compliant in all respects of data governance and regulations, and
  4. to become an exemplary model and leader for others in our industry to follow.


Because we are in this for the long-haul, not the quick buck, we’re also establishing global industry initiative to create a standardized personal data protocol to make development, security, management and ownership of personal data much easier and safer, as well as to help foster this new “personal data management” industry as a whole by creating an environment for healthy competition. The initiative is called the KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium.