MiDATA CEO, Paul Marek Podcast Interview by IoTSI.

Privacy Matters Podcast with Nicole Stephensen

Recently our Founder and CEO, Paul Marek, was interviewed by Nicole Stephenson of the Internet of Things Security Institute for their podcast “Privacy Matters”.

Paul and Nicole touch on some very controversial topics such as;

  • the increasingly visible debate about personal data use and clear user consent – especially in the context of companies that engage in marketing, advertising and profiling of people,
  • the notion of a new consent model (or multiple models!) emerging where the individuals can have greater control over what happens to their personal data,
  • whether, in a SmartCity or critical infrastructure context, a user-driven consent model (where individuals are compensated for the use of their data) could work; and,
  • Privacy by Design as an opportunity to enhance personal data handling practices in the context of deploying IoT and innovative technologies generally.

Have a listen to the podcast on the Privacy Matters page of the IotSI website.

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