Can Having Your Own Bot Solve Your Privacy Problems?

Your Virtual Agent

Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the creator of the 7 Principals of Privacy by Design offers an excellent articulation of the future of privacy using what she calls a “SmartData Agent” – a virtual you acting on your behalf to protect your online privacy.

From the article titled Privacy Controls Must Be Put Back In The Hands Of The Individual:

If an organization wanted to retain your personal data for analytics, it would need to negotiate with your SmartData agent. And prior to disclosure, your agent could ask the organization to sign an agreement stating it would only use the data for the intended purpose, with that agreement stored on a blockchain. But what if that organization declined to sign? Then your agent would inform you and suggest alternative sources that would agree to sign, then await your decision – the point being that, as with the Linux operating system, a market-driven ecosystem would arise as long as there was a demand for privacy. In addition, your personal data would never reside unprotected in an organization’s database; it would be encrypted by the unique key of your SmartData agent. That way, a successful hack would only lead to the exposure of one set of personal data instead of millions.

This is what MiDATA is working toward, and will also give you the controls to direct your virtual agent to capitalize on and extract any monetary value out of your data that it can, without sharing your data and within your personal privacy settings.

Are you sick of having irrelevant and bothersome ads interrupt your online viewing pleasure?

Your virtual agent will also help you get matched to advertisers – only when you want or need to see them, without interrupting your viewing experience, and get paid for your time and attention to view and interact with the ads.

Isn’t this the way the internet should be?

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